Our Team

Behrooz Rezvani, Ph.D.
Founder and CEO
Dr. Behrooz Rezvani is a visionary, and serial entrepreneur. Prior to founding Seyyer, he founded two companies that have made major influences on the landscape of telecommunications and how HD video content is delivered and distributed throughout the home.Dr. Rezvani is the co-founder and chairman of Quantenna Communications, a wireless communications leader that has developed the industry’s most advanced Wi-Fi chipsets for high-definition video distribution. Quantenna has been featured in Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Forbes, Fortune and is a winner of the prestigious CES Innovations Award two times in a row. He was president and CEO of Quantenna from 2005 to 2009, during which time the company became the world’s leader in Wi-Fi performance, surpassing industry giants like Qualcomm, Intel and Broadcom.Prior to Quantenna, Dr. Rezvani founded Ikanos Communications in 1999, leading it to a successful IPO (NASDAQ: IKAN) in 2005. Ikanos was the first to achieve 100Mbps data rates over copper telephone lines using Very-High-Data-Rate DSL (VDSL) technology. As Ikanos’ CTO, Rezvani helped the company secure an 80 percent share of the worldwide VDSL market, with a dominant position in Japan, Korea and Europe.Dr. Rezvani has held management positions at GE, Ericson, Siemens, and Rockwell. He has been awarded 40 U.S. patents with more pending, and is a member of the advisory board to Swisscom Ventures and director of 7summits agency, a social networking company.
Jack Spilberg
Vice President of Marketing
Before joining Seyyer as VP of Marketing, Jack Spilberg served as director and head of marketing solutions for Meebo, which was acquired by Google in 2012. Jack has a documented success record understanding client and consumer needs and developing them into new services and programs, while balancing revenue goals with a firm commitment to product integrity. At Meebo, he oversaw the development, implementation, and evaluation of advertising revenue-generating programs and managed advertising sales, major accounts development and product marketing.Prior to joining Meebo, Jack was an early staff member at Pandora.com, where he focused on developing integrated marketing programs and partnerships with major brands including McDonalds and Verizon Wireless.  Before joining Pandora, he worked on marketing teams at Time Warner and Fox Interactive Media. Jack began his career in media as an associate editor for the world’s largest snowboarding publication, TransWorld Snowboarding Magazine.
Toru Chiba, Ph.D.
President of Seyyer Japan
Dr. Chiba is establishing and leading collaboration between Seyyer and top scientific institutes in Japan. He was a member of the board of directors for Sharp Corporation, and served as a General Manager of Sharp’s Corporate R&D Group where he oversaw the development of major projects in mobile and other key platforms. His technology and R&D contributions span the fields of industrialization and design automation systems for printed circuit boards, and LSI’s standardization activities of IrDA, Wi-Fi, HOMEPLUG, and Continua. He received his Ph.D. in electronics from Osaka University and was a visiting scholar at UC Berkeley. He has published over 20 papers in leading peer-reviewed publications and is an international speaker, presenting in the fields of design automation and other areas. He is a member of IEEE, IECE, and IPSJ.
Ali Rouhi Ph.D.
Chief Software Architect
Ali brings over 15 years of software development and management experience to Seyyer. As Seyyer’s Chief Software Architect, Ali brings his technical insights to the complex mathematical and software development processes involved with Seyyer’s innovative regenerative video platform.
Ali also brings a wealth of engineering management experience from his former role leading the Software Team at Quantenna Communications, a leading fabless semiconductor company focused on developing chipsets for intelligent high-speed wireless networks and devices. Prior to Quantenna, Rouhi worked at HP as a Senior Software Engineer, and several other start-ups where he acquired a deep knowledge of many fields of advanced software development.Ali was also on staff at UCSD as a Research Physicist, where he focused in the areas of computational fluid dynamics and mathematical physics. Ali holds a BA in physics from Reed college, a Ph.D. in physics from UCSD, was a postdoctoral fellow at Caltech, and has authored 15 published research papers.
Mohammad Navidpou, Ph.D.
Staff Scientist
Mohammad has been involved in multiple early stage startups where he was in charge of system architecture design and implementation. He loves solving math and engineering problems. He has used algorithm design to implement hardware and software in areas as diverse as computer vision to modem design. Mohammad received a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Pennsylvania State University in 2006.
Curtis Abbott
Speech and Audio Specialist
Throughout an illustrious career, Curtis has pioneered several key innovations in the fields of interactive media and AI research. He worked with a ground-breaking team at Lucasfilm on digital technology for audio post-production. He also served on an advanced AI research team for Xerox Parc. Curtis founded Malleable Technologies and served as CEO through its acquisition by PMC Sierra, a leader in Internet semiconductor solutions.Earlier in his career, he helped develop one of the first interactive TV/media systems at Frox (shipped in 1991). He also served as a director of software engineering for Microunity. Curtis got his start in technology while pursuing music and math degrees at UC San Diego. He also did graduate work at UC Berkeley in computer science.
Morgan Blein
Technical Marketing Analyst
Before joining Seyyer, Morgan worked at KPMG France and start-up Sidecar where he contributed to business development and marketing research. He received a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration fromUniversity of San Francisco.