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Seyyer is an Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) company that is developing dynamic, human avatar models that are capable of instantly and flawlessly converting written text into engaging videos, “Text-to-Video.” Seyyer empowers and enables hyper-realistic, yet cost-effective video avatar creation and customization. The company’s technology platform gives producers, advertising agencies and other multimedia developers the tools to quickly and inexpensively create customizable and extensible video avatar content based on real the ring thing, people.

To create a realistic, human A.I. avatar − brands, enterprises and developers create a foundational video and voice recording of a person through a video and audio session, and then use the Seyyer technology platform that uses advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning to adapt, regenerate and extend that content for virtually any new, scripted messaging, with simple text. Enabling a realistic human avatar that you can simply type text into the Seyyer platform and the A.I. avatar will speak in real time and in multiple languages, just like a real person. Opening a powerful marketplace of interesting and engaging video content that let’s brand advertisers reach and target a global audience spanning any application you can think of.

Seyyer is engaged with leading brands and partners and is backed by leading entrepreneurs, advisors and PhDs in the fields of artificial intelligence, machine learning, speech and computer vision technology. The company is headquartered in Palo Alto, with and an R&D office in Tokyo.

Markets for user Seyyer’s A.I. avatars:

  • Advertising: Ubiquitous online video content generation
  • Enterprise: Customer care online and mobile
  • Consumers: Online characters, entertainment, mobile applications

What are some use cases for Seyyer’s video avatar technology?

  • Daily Video Programs: Utilize avatar to push out frequent updates, daily messages, real-time updates, video-tweets, and more
  • Interactive Apps, Widgets, & In-Banner Integrations: Engaging, custom-produced interactive experiences powered by Seyyer
  • Commercials, Pre-roll Spots, & Original Content: Fast, inexpensive, and easy to produce video content on the fly

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